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Our relationship with Epworth School (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) explained:

The Epworth Foundation is a registered non-profit orginisation and public benefit orginisation. (the ‘I Believe in Epworth Trust’*) and is designed to ensure the continued existence of our great school; a pioneer of social transformation and consistent deliverer of world-class education in South Africa for over a century. We do this by providing Young Women of Worth bursaries to talented and deserving high school girls who could not otherwise afford an Epworth education. * Registered NPO 031-368/ PBO 930004892 / Section 18A (1) (a) approved.

"Education is the great equalizer of our time. It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without..."

- Kofi Annan,
Former United Nations head

Epworth School: A Trail Blazer against Apartheid

Since its establishment in 1898 by two strong-minded and pioneering women - Emma Mason and Emily Lowe - Epworth School has been characterised by an independent outlook and a commitment to educating the hearts and minds of the next generation FIDA (Faith), HUMANA (Compassion) and FORTIS (Courage)

In 1978, Epworth took a bold and public stand against the official apartheid policies of the time to enrol black pupils, a decision that led to Epworth having the highest number of black pupils of any "white" private school in the country. In the face of a government subsidy cut, the school's leadership stood by its convictions, championing the rights of all children to quality education, regardless of their background.

The Foundation’s manifesto:

FAITH – We believe in the GREATNESS of GOD
EDUCATION – We manifest diversity and transformation in education and have done so since long before the new democratic South Africa.
COURAGE – We believe in the authenticity and worthiness of every individual.

The Foundation’s core values:

To build a better tomorrow for South Africa through QUALITY education.
To serve others as our Foundational Principle of Life.
To exemplify our Christian Faith, Compassion and Courage through "being".
To preserve our school Epworth, built on relationships that culminate in a sense of possibility.
To inspire Young Woman of Worth.

The Foundation’s financials / Your donations

One-hundred percent of your donations are invested in the life of a talented and deserving Young Woman of Worth learner. The Epworth Foundation PRIMARILY supports bursaries  as our philosophy for sustainability.

Meet our Foundation Team

Ingrid Roberts
Ingrid Roberts
Foundation Director
Tel: 083 535 7354
Email: iroberts@epworth.co.za
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