Epworth Foundation


"Young Women of Worth"

The Epworth Foundation’s ‘In Reach’ (Community Engagement) project is the "Young Women of Worth" (YWOW) investment initiative, which provides bursaries for talented and deserving young high school girls who could not normally afford to attend Epworth.

The YWOW Strategy:

We seek to identify and empower talented and deserving ‘Young Women of Worth’ and over the next 5-9 years, equip up to 30 such girls with Epworth’s world-class ‘Heart and Head’ education, assisting them to become compassionate and courageous societal leaders.

Underpinning this initiative will be the following distinctive pillars (differentiators):

  • Our (highly specific, transparent and transformative) identification and selection
  • Our broad-based mentorship method (incorporating real and virtual support, designed to meet the needs of the beneficiary, her community and the school’s community)
  • Regular public progress reports based on professional data driven assessment
  • A sustainable financial model

"Thank you Epworth for teaching us all of this and so much more. Epworth is in our blood and our souls. Fida Humana Fortis."

- Clair Maher,
Epworthian, Class of 2005

YWOW Structure (Partnerships and Intellectual Property)

To assure sustainable success, we are building long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with like-minded individuals and donor organisations. Within less than a year, our volunteer ‘tribe’ of supporters has already contributed invaluable IP, capacity and enthusiasm to this initiative whilst the first generous donations have also been made.

YWOW: Proposed Timeline:
2018 – Goal of 1 x YWOW recipient to enter Epworth (99% sponsored)
2019 – Next 2 x recipients
2020 – 3 more recipients
2021 – 3 more recipients
2022 – 4 more recipients
2023 – 4 more recipients
2024 – 4 more recipients
2025 – 4 more recipients
2026 – 5 more recipients
Total = 30 ‘Young Women of Worth’ beneficiaries over the next 8 years


Playing the flute in the Epworth Chapel