Faye Norton (Hicks)

Share one memorable experience you had at Epworth?

From Faye Norton (Hicks) , who now lives in China:

In matric it was my last year of performing in Millennium Funk. It was a great year to be a part of the Dance Company as we had all bonded really well and were all very proud of the collaborative piece we had put together with Mr I. When the performance started, I remember looking up and seeing a sea of red jerseys and the cheering and clapping began and continued right until the end, long after we had left the stage. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support we had received, from the entire school. During the finale when the company had their moment in the spotlight, of course the cheers started up again! Epworth girls really take on the concept of community, I see this in my group of friends that I still have from my school days, we have such a strong sense of loyalty to each other. Every occasion, memories both happy and sad, even the general day-to-day stuff is shared with them and I cant imagine it any different.

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