Janet Jeanes, (nee McKenzie) Class of 1982

I moved to New Zealand in 1994 with my husband Ken.

I have 2 boys, Daniel 27 and Jonty 25. (Both unmarried! 😉 ) I studied as a graphic designer after school, have done book illustration and publication, but am now a Food and Nutrition teacher. I love anything creative – I paint, sew, make macramé – which I learnt to do at Epworth Junior School, where I started my Epworth journey in Std 3.

So many great memories – a couple I can think of were going on a camp to Umgeni Valley Ranch, a school trip to Lesotho, the School Matric dance, Art lessons ❤️, singing in the school choir, being in HMS Pinafore with those gorgeous Hilton boys! Forging Miss Metcalfe’s signature on the blackboard and then being called to her office to tell me I had spelt it wrongly! Either with an E or without! I can’t remember now! Ok so now I’m getting carried away!

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