Caro Vinnicombe (Macquet), Class of 1975

I have a daughter, Amy, who is married to an Irish boy and they live in Auckland.

I studied and worked as a Remedial Therapist for many years – at Clifton Nottingham Road and then at Highbury Prep. for 17 years.

I also tutored at Kearsney College and St. Mary’s DSG in Kloof.

During that time, I wrote 14 workbooks to help kids with learning difficulties – especially in areas with no access to remediation.

I am currently revising these to be more “Kiwi” friendly.


When we moved to NZ, I started out in Christchurch as a tutor in a private company for a couple of years.

Then I got a job at Marlborough Boys College in Blenheim, in the NE of South Island (stunning climate by the way, and lots of Saffers (South Africans), especially in the building and wine industries) and where the big Kaikoura earthquake was a couple of years ago!

What an experience! Terrifying!

I worked in Special Ed teaching boys with a huge variety of problems – some physical, some mental, some emotional.

It was very challenging but I loved the work!

After a couple of years,  I was asked to join the Maths Department to set up a bridging and tutoring system to help boys coming into the Maths department under par.

So, that is where I am at the moment.  I have also been asked to do the same for English (my main passion) and may be splitting between the two faculties next year.

I love living in NZ but find it very difficult being so far from home and family. I keep in touch with a couple of past girls, whom I consider dear friends.

That’s about it, really


I send my best regards and wishes to Epworthians past and current.


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