2021 Fees – Letter from the Chairman of the Board

It is that time of the year when we need to advise you of the fees for the coming year, 2021.
Epworth recognises the economic fallout from the pandemic that saw losses in household
incomes as firms suffered the consequences of mandated restrictions on activity. Epworth
wishes to continue to support its stakeholders as the recovery of the economy gets underway.

In preparing the budget for 2021, the Board and Management arrived at the fees through a
rigorous budgeting process. Every effort was made to contain cost increases, with due
consideration of the minimum requirements necessary to run the school efficiently and to
provide your children with the very best of what an Epworth education has to offer. Taking all
the budgeting challenges into consideration, as well as the pessimistic predictions for the
economy in 2021, the Board of Governors has approved the fee increase at 4% as set out in
the Fee Structure.

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