125 Book Review – Catherine Bloy

Epworth’s 125th birthday is, without a doubt, the perfect opportunity to look back on the history of our school. Don’t let me put you off, though – this is not a boring tome filled merely with the necessary details of Epworth’s 125 years. Instead, it is a collection of shared memories and experiences from staff, parents, and students – those for whom Epworth made a significant impact on their lives. I was overjoyed when Ingrid Roberts approached me and offered me the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a remarkable book. I have been fortunate to have a sneak peek at Epworth: Our Joyful Light since 1898, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of overwhelming (in the very best way possible). While it has been a relatively short time since I left high school, it is very easy to forget the small details of the day-to-day life we all once shared at Epworth. Being immersed in these stories reminded me of some of my most memorable times. Epworth has been home to some brilliant young men and women over the past 125 years, many of whom shared their favourite school stories and memories in this collection. From accounts of the difficulties of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, insights from some of the first girls to attend Epworth at its ‘new’ premises as we know it today, and loving dedications to members of the community who have been lost over the years, this book is an exceptional addition to the collection of any Epworthian.

The Epworth motto, Fida Humana Fortis, is something I try to live by every day and always carry very close to my heart (on a lovely pendant that was gifted to my entire Matric class in 2017). The stories in this collection exemplify the notions of Faith, Compassion, and Courage. We are all reminded that while the world changes, Epworth must change too, and this book takes its reader through the various changes the school has already weathered.

Whether you recently ended your journey at Epworth or many years have passed since you last walked the grounds, this book will undoubtedly bring back all of your most precious memories of an extraordinary school. There are so many gorgeous photographs to pour over, and search for familiar faces from every generation! Epworth: Our Joyful Light since 1898 will occupy a prized place on any bookshelf or coffee table and offers the perfect opportunity to reminisce.


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