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November 2022 – Issue

Epworth turns 125 in 2023

I can still remember so clearly arriving at Epworth in January 1976, a tall gawky teenager on a bike, basher on my head, case strapped to my carrier, and with a heart full of excitement even though I hardly knew anyone at the school.

Five years later, having completed my matric year as head girl, I left with the wings of an eagle  ̶  ready to take on the world and win.

Thirty-three years of ‘adulting’ followed, enhanced at every turn by the educational skillset I had acquired from this exceptional school. I went on to enjoy being a wife, mother and woman entrepreneur. Then in November 2013, I unexpectedly received an invitation to return to my alma mater, first as a board member and later to re-invigorate the Epworth Foundation, Epworth’s social impact arm and additional financial asset.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, our Epworth Foundation Trust stands proudly at the R6 million mark in capital raised with an additional R1 million having been disbursed since January 2016.

Recently an enthusiastic group of Epworth past girls suggested we try and raise a GIFT for ‘Epworth into the future’ with R1,25 million being chosen as the symbolic goal for our 125th year.

Poignantly I had a flash back to forty years ago when, in 1983, my late father Rev Prof Vic Bredenkamp as Epworth Board Chair, strategised under pressure to join forces with Kearsney College and Dr Graeme Shuker, and fundraise in the face of Epworth’s threatened foreclosure.

What a victory then and another now, as our school stands firmly and proudly at almost 125 years old. How appropriate that we, who love Epworth, now have another chance to join together and secure Epworth into the future ~ through the JOY of GIVING!




Since 2016, our Foundation has defied the odds of a challenging economy and the COVID pandemic thanks to our REMARKABLE following ~ see

No donation to our cause is ever too small and each is received with heartfelt gratitude because each makes a difference.

Going into our 125th year this remains true, although where you or your family or possibly a class group together can possibly manage to purchase a ‘puzzle’ square for PS: Needless to say – donations are welcome ANY DAY of the year 😊

TODAY November 29th is however an EXTRA SPECIAL DAY OF GIVING globally ~ so we would love Epworth supporters to unite and support our school this 29th November, wherever they are across the world.


Local donations:


International donations:


Through us all, may God continue to richly bless Epworth into the future!


Foundation Director: Ingrid Roberts (nee Bredenkamp –class of 1980)


R200 000+ raised thus far (at November 25th 2022)

Our goal: R1,25 million for our bursary fund.

Thanks to all who have given generously already, and to those who will still choose to give.



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