125 Book Review – Verna Bowie

A delightful narrative that weaves together memories and stories to create the Epworth we cherish. These pages are a testament to Epworth’s steadfast faith that its students have the courage to succeed with compassion, no matter the path they choose. Remarkably, the words of Ruth Palframan (Class of 1910) remain as relevant as ever: “Women have much more influence in the world than they think they have.”

Prior to joining Epworth, my teachers firmly discouraged me from taking the subject combination of Mathematics, Science, and Biology. At Epworth I was encouraged to take those subjects, and more––keeping the faith that Epworth students should be given every opportunity to succeed at their goals. Maths with Mrs Taylor was my favorite subject and I was fascinated by its intriguing history revealed in this book: Alan Paton taught it at Epworth in the 1920s! And Miss Pease! Well, that chapter will surely make you laugh!

Thank you to all involved in this production. What a wonderful journey and joyous return to so many formative memories.

Verna (Love) Bowie M.Sc. (Class of 1993)
Director, Academic Program Reviews
Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Planning
University of California, Berkeley
Seek knowledge. Locate your passion. Change the world.
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