The Epworth Edge

November 2018 – Issue 3


Attending Epworth in the 1970 s birthed my passion to engage deeply in meaningful social justice programmes and initiatives Epworth has always been a school with an exceptional social conscience and courage, leading the way in transformational change Today this same vision drives the fledgling Epworth Foundation’s enthusiasm (Epworth’s social impact arm) in its quest to fundraise for ‘Young Women of Worth’ bursaries to this great 120 year old school Epworth gives a young girl the greatest gift of all, an educational passport to possibility and has looked to do this, based on merit above means, for over a century.

The Foundation started the year off as a small but growing team of believers with the vision of a South Africa where deserving talent is identified and cultivated to serve the country and its people, and through God’s blessings we have emerged at the end of this year posting our best ever results, our highest revenue generated in a year, most number of events hosted (nationally and internationally) and our largest volunteer headcount to date We feel both grateful for and humbled by this.

Wholeheartedly, we thank each of you who has played a part, large or small, in this wonderful and growing success story Onwards and upwards! Epworth into the future

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