The Epworth Edge

June 2018 – Issue 2


I am conscious daily of the privilege of having been invited back to Epworth in 2014, 34 years after I matriculated from this magnificent school. It has only been since returning that I fully appreciate what this school has given my
life through its education and its motto: FIDA (Faith) HUMANA (Compassion) FORTIS (Courage ).

The Epworth Foundation seeks to create and implement a financial sustainability plan in the run up to (and well beyond) this wonderful institution’s 125 th milestone in 2023. Valued by so many, I am confident that the Epworth community will lean in, as it has done previously at all the most important times, both to give in kind (non monetarily) and to be kind in giving (monetarily).

As fundraisers, we work for great causes with great values. We work to protect and promote what is right, what is meaningful and what makes our world a better place. It is challenging yet rewarding work but above all, it is a noble calling. From the Epworth Foundation, I now appeal to all who believe in Epworth to support us, in this 120 th year, by whatever way you can and we say thank you in advance for your generosity through our (section 18A compliant) Foundation and for playing your unique and most appreciated part in assisting ‘Epworth into the Future’!

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