Shining the Light with Khauhelo Rapuleng

“Since matriculating from Epworth in 2013, life has taken me through some serious highs and lows. If it had not been for the lessons and values learnt at Epworth (Fida, Humana, Fortis) I might not be here today. I’m pursuing a career in education and reading a BEd Degree (FET Phase) from The University of the Witwatersrand. It hasn’t been an easy journey as I found myself having to take a break due to financial issues. However those issues, by God’s grace, are being sorted out.

In high school I never considered pursuing teaching; never thought I had the heart for it. But, it seems that I do and it was as I stood at the front of a classroom during practicals that I realised “I belong here” and not just teaching, but instilling values in every person I teach. I am blessed to have had the teachers I did at Epworth. They inspired me not to just teach, but to touch the hearts of my learners and make a difference in their lives – as they did in mine.

The beauty of Epworth? You don’t need to be in the chapel to feel God’s love, to have faith, compassion or courage. You find all these and more in every corner of Epworth. You feel it in every step. I wouldn’t say that I found myself at Epworth, but I definitely found out the type of woman I wanted to be and no matter what life puts me through, I
hold on to that. I am proud to be an Epworthian and was so lucky to go to Epworth. I would definitely love to make it possible for many other girls to attend there as well, because, wow, the love, community, faith, compassion and
sense of self that flows from there…

I struggle to find the right words!”

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