Shining the light with Amanda Capucci Polzin

Hello! My name is Amanda Capucci Polzin.

I was born and raised in a small city in São Paulo- Brazil.

I am currently living in London-UK, working at the University of Westminster as a visiting Lecturer at the Westminster Business School and prospecting a career as a researcher in international development.

I was lucky enough to attend Epworth for grade 12 as a Rotary Exchange student back in 2009. That was my first international experience and the door to a world I didn’t know – it’s also the reason I am able to speak a second language. That year I had changed my life in many ways.

Epworth was an experience on its own.

The atmosphere, the potential in every classroom, convinced me that Epworth girls were able to achieve anything they wanted to.

I remember thinking multiple times how my life would be different if I had the opportunity to be a student there from grade 8, how marvellous my possibilities have would look like.

Epworth offers such an excellent and holistic education!

Everything a student could need to excel in any areas of interest, which impressed me greatly as it was a different reality than the one I had in my own country.

Girls at Epworth are taught to be critical thinkers and are given tools to explore their potential talents to a full extent. I watched my peers time and time again achieving this while we were at school together, and even now.

The school also gave me a different perspective about Africa and its potential, not only in terms of knowledge and instruction but also culture and abundant resources. What I experienced was not the typical story told about a Third World country: but rather that it was a developing nation full of character and community spirit driven by endless capabilities where a school such as Epworth is at the centre of its driving force.

I have also recently chosen to financially support the Epworth Foundation (the school’s bursary driver) and on a regular basis because education is SUCH a worthwhile cause, there is none better in my view.

It is a long-term investment in the future of a generation that has the power to shape and re shape tomorrow.

I believe that giving back to communities that made an impact on you keeps the eco cycle alive and thriving with more pupils receiving the opportunity to be involved in an environment of unquestionable growth.

Epworth and its Foundation LIVING proof of this.

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