Shining the Light with Nonkqubela Maliza

Nonkqubela Maliza (class of 1984) has been senior executive in South Africa for over 15 years.

She has worked in both the private and public sector and has renowned expertise in risk management, economic analysis, stakeholder and general management.

She holds a MBA from the University Of Cape Town and a BA Honours (Economics) and BA (Economics & Psychology) from Rhodes University (South Africa)

Today, as Director of Corporate & Government Affairs: Volkswagen South Africa, Nonkqubela is ever-grateful for her excellent formative education derived through Epworth School and shines its light firmly:

‘I am a believer in the power of education to transform and uplift lives at a personal and societal level. The education I received at Epworth was of the highest quality- it was comprehensive, holistic and robust – be it in the classroom, in the chapel, on the sports field or in the boarding houses. I learnt to think critically, to speak up, to lead and to serve, and to work hard at everything. All of this was accomplished under the watchful eyes of teachers who were masters in their respective fields, caring and attentive and able to see and appreciate and nurture our individual strengths. Finally, I made lifetime friendships at Epworth and the values of faith, humanity and courage are deeply embedded in my soul.’

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