Shining the Light with Ingrid Chadwick

Matriculated from Epworth: 1977
Tertiary Education: B.Comm, University of KZN
Professional and/or Life Experience: Financial Accountant
Lives in: Johannesburg

Most distinctive benefit of an Epworth education in Ingrid’s view: an all-round education including academic, sport, arts and spiritual aspects. An ability to think for yourself and to think critically about issues. The ability to challenge other viewpoints.

Why Ingrid is choosing to pay it forward by donating to the Epworth Foundation (**): 

I am involved in NGO work in Soweto, Johannesburg where residents live in shacks without electricity and share one tap to get their daily water.

I am so inspired by the amount of talent in the wonderful children of this community. By enabling these youngsters at a basic level of education, they can aspire to a greater future, and look to to contribute meaningfully to society.

Epworth, being a private school, provides education and opportunities on a much higher level however. If the opportunity of a quality education can be extended to a high potential child coming out of any area similar where I am working, it would take that child to another level completely.

As a past girl, I find it so encouraging that there are past girls at Epworth who work tirelessly at developing Epworth to be an even more inclusive school, embracing diversity and giving opportunity to girl child leaders to rise above the circumstances that they were born into.  Thank you to the Epworth Foundation for this upliftment of our country and the empowerment of its talent.

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