Shining the Light with Keletso Totlhanyo

Business woman and former General Manager  – Comrades Marathon Association

My daughter attends Epworth School and I am currently a member of the school’s board of governors.

I support the Epworth Foundation because educating girls is very close to my heart.

The Epworth Foundation plays a major role in supporting education for girls from disadvantaged communities also to attend the school and receive its world class education.

The schools’ motto of Faith, Compassion and Courage is what Epworth School stands for and Epworth Girls are a true reflection of this motto.

I believe the entire world needs to commit to ensuring that educating girls becomes a TOP priority because this benefits entire communities!  Educating girls helps reduce poverty, reduce childhood pregnancies, reduce childhood marriages, reduce infant mortality rates and the list goes on.

Educated women make deliberate and decisive choices.  Educated women create educated nations.

My monthly contribution to the Epworth Foundation is not huge however I believe that it hugely adds to another girl child’s life.

In Setswana there’s a saying that goes: ‘lemme ga le fete molomo’ – meaning my contribution may be little but still, it will help make a difference.

I feel so privileged to be doing this.

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